New Guidelines for Soil Health Living Labs Proposals

28 May 2024
Whether you are developing a new proposal or refining an existing one, leverage the insights and guidelines provided in the factsheet to maximise your chances of success. Download the factsheet
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The 2024 Calls for Proposals to Fund Soil Health Living Labs have been published

19 April 2024
European Commission has announced the launch of two calls for proposals funding the creation and establishment of soil health living labs (SHLLs). The calls, published on April 17, 2024, invite applicants to submit proposals for the following topics
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Celebrating World Soil Day 2023: A Pledge to Protect Our Planet

01 December 2023
As we approach the World Soil Day 2023, the spotlight is on the tight relation between soil and water, the lifeblood of our planet. The NATI00NS and PREPSOIL projects have crafted a set of compelling social media cards, each carrying a crucial message about the relations between soil and water, the essence of sustainable soil management, and the urgent need for collective action.
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The Impact of the First Round of National Engagement Events for EU Soil Mission

06 November 2023
The first round of National Engagement Events (NEE) hosted across 43 EU Member States and Associated Countries as part of the NATI00NS project. These events have played a crucial role in raising awareness of the EU Soil Mission, attracting more than 2400 participants and paving the way for the second round of events scheduled for 2024.
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Exploring new horizons at NATI00NS General Assembly & Consortium Meeting in Novi Sad

24 October 2023
The recent NATI00NS General Assembly took place on 18-19 October 2023, in Novi Sad, in the heart of Serbia. This gathering brought together the project partners for two days of insightful discussions and interactive workshops.
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Advancing the EU Soil Mission: NATI00NS' support and future pathways

07 August 2023
NATI00NS welcomes the achievements of the first two years of EU Soil Mission and looks forward to the launch of pioneering soil health Living Labs in 2024.
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Soil Health Living Labs & EU Soil Mission: download the NATI00NS factsheets

30 May 2023
The NATI00NS factsheets provide valuable information and insights into the concept of soil health Living Labs and Lighthouses, their significance in promoting sustainable practices, and their role in the EU Mission 'A Soil Deal for Europe'.
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NATI00NS Capacity Building Webinar Series to support the launch of the Mission 'A Soil Deal for Europe’ 100 Living Labs and Lighthouses

19 May 2023
The NATI00NS webinars will contribute to raising the awareness of stakeholders on the specific concept of regional soil health Living Labs, the funding available under the Mission ‘A Soil Deal for Europe’ Living Lab topics as well as the application process.
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NATI00NS project supports regional stakeholders to apply for soil health Living Labs Open Calls funded by the EU Mission Soil 

22 March 2023
NATI00NS provides support to potential applicants through a series of activities at national and trans-European level.
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The NATI00NS national engagement events are kicking off in March!

02 March 2023
Our national engagement events tackle soil health challenges and resilience strategies in EU Member States & Associated Countries. The first round of events kicked off on 1 March 2023 in Spain, paving the way for a range of exciting upcoming happenings across Europe!
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Supporting the soil deal for Europe across national communities

15 December 2022
The main objective of NATI00NS is reaching out to and preparing regional and national stakeholders across Europe to apply for and implement soil health Living Labs, in support of the EU Mission Soil.
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