The main objective of NATI00NS is to facilitate the deployment of the EU Soil Mission across EU Member States and Associated Countries during most of its first ‘induction and pilot’ phase (2021-2025). NATI00NS acts as a messenger of the Mission, raising awareness among national and regional stakeholders, providing access to quality-checked capacity-building materials and information, spurring the discussions on the best Living Lab setups to address regional soil needs, and fostering early matchmaking for cross-regional LL clusters.


NATI00NS’ main outcomes will consist of supporting the formulation and submission of high-quality applications through a combination of European-wide events addressing cutting-edge topics related to the Soil Mission. These will be accomplished between 2023 and 2024.


NATI00NS will contribute to the Soil Mission objectives by mobilising national groups of stakeholders as potential applicants for regional soil health LLs open calls funded by the Mission. Their main results will be reported back to provide policy recommendations.

Main Pillars

  • Balance: the consortium is looking for maximum stakeholder outreach. All Horizon Europe MS and AC will be targeted, ensuring equal distribution of activities. Other relevant actors will also be involved in each country, seeking a balanced engagement of stakeholders from different land uses.
  • Knowledge: NATI00NS is counting on top-quality partners to convey the information to potential LLs applicants, gathering multi-disciplinary expertise on soil sciences, stakeholder participatory processes, land management practices in different land uses, economics, nature-based solutions, and soil policy landscape, focussing on key initiatives such as EU Missions, Farm to Fork Strategy, Biodiversity Strategy, Soil Strategy, European Green Deal, SDGs, and more.
  • Adaptability: the Soil Mission is a living initiative. We will quickly adapt to eventual changes in priorities and objectives of the Mission. National engagement events and activities to support applicants are set for immediate implementation.