NATI00NS contributes to the Soil Mission objectives by mobilising potential applicants for regional soil health Living Labs open calls funded by the Mission through diverse events whose main results will be reported back to provide policy recommendations and inputs for potential future calls.

Our offer includes the following:

National events

These events tackle soil health challenges and resilience strategies in 43 target countries and are followed by support activities. Participants are also included in soil health challenges sessions and technical dialogues on LL proposal development in line with the Mission criteria.

These events have 3 main priorities: 

  1. Raise awareness among attendees of the value of soils and understand the importance of land management patterns across all sectors and scales to enable its restoration while contributing to net-zero emissions, resource-efficient, smart and circular production and consumption systems. Tailored messages are adopted to convince attendees across sectors and regions about the benefits of engaging in the Mission activities.
  2. Instruct on the concept and criteria for soil health LLs and LHs, as foreseen in the implementation plan. Through ENoLL, event organisers will be able to mainstream top-quality and accurate information on soil health LLs and LHs. Some preliminary projects will be referred to as examples to inspire novel land management practices which can restore and safeguard soil health under Living Lab approaches.
  3. Orientate the participants for the post-event work: generation of regional LL seeds, fostering cross-regional and cross-national networking, and guidance towards capacity-building opportunities. After the preliminary open discussions on regional soil needs, attendees are encouraged to continue the conversations at the regional level to prepare schemes for regional LLs, following some basic recommendations.


Applicants' networking is supported through matchmaking B2B meetings, allowing contract-tailored solutions. Matchmaking opportunities will be open through the project lifetime allowing the continuous matching of cross-regional LL clusters. 

Online thematic events

European-wide transnational events addressing cutting-edge topics related to the Mission and directed to transnational domain-specific communities. Events will be held as digital sessions, one per topic, to provide useful and durable materials for the Mission and enable the highest transnational participation. Specifically, the events will introduce challenges and original perspectives on the following topics: 

  • soil health,
  • agri-food innovators,
  • business care,
  • industrial land stewardship,
  • urban and forest environments.
  • Training materials
  • Supporting applicants in drafting competitive applications

Where possible, thematic events will match with the calendar of the open windows of the Mission calls.

Capacity building materials for future use

Capacity building materials (e-learning materials) and reports aim to trigger all actors' key interests across the different soil types and uses. Assuming that the Mission is more familiar to the agricultural land use stakeholders, NATI00NS constantly try to reinforce the outreach to other land uses and stakeholders. These will be made freely available as soon and as widely as possible so they can be used by NCPs and potential applicants. 


A Digital platform with a Q&A section and personalised questions providing on-demand support to applicants involved in developing proposals for soil health living labs.