Celebrating World Soil Day 2023: A Pledge to Protect Our Planet

01 December 2023

Understanding the Critical Link Between Soil and Water

As we approach the World Soil Day 2023, the spotlight is on the tight relation between soil and water, the lifeblood of our planet. More than 95 percent of our food is tied to the health of these fundamental resources. In the face of mounting challenges from climate change and human activities, our soils are facing unprecedented degradation, exerting immense pressure on our water resources. Erosion, driven by these factors, disrupts the delicate balance, diminishing water infiltration and availability for ecosystems. This degradation poses a direct threat to the foundation of our food systems.

EU Mission A Soil Deal for Europe

The EU Mission "A Soil Deal for Europe" is not just a commitment; it's a concrete step towards achieving a healthier soil for society. By acknowledging the symbiotic relationship between soil and water, the EU mission is actively working to counter the adverse impacts of climate change and human activities on our valuable resources. Sustainable soil management practices lie at the heart of this mission. Techniques such as minimum tillage, crop rotation, organic matter addition, and cover cropping are pivotal. These practices not only enhance soil health but also play a critical role in reducing erosion and pollution, improving water infiltration and storage, and safeguarding soil biodiversity.

NATI00NS and PREPSOIL for World Soil Day 2023

The objectives of the World Soil Day 2023 campaign align with the mission of the EU. This global platform not only celebrates the significance of soils but also empowers citizens worldwide to actively contribute to the improvement of soil health. The campaign focuses on raising awareness about the interdependence of soil and water, emphasising the need for sustainable and resilient agrifood systems.

As we celebrate World Soil Day, the NATI00NS and PREPSOIL projects have crafted a set of compelling social media cards, each carrying a crucial message about the relations between soil and water, the essence of sustainable soil management, and the urgent need for collective action.

These social media cards are not just visuals; they are a call to action. By sharing these cards, you become a catalyst for change, spreading awareness about the significance of World Soil Day and the shared responsibility we bear for our planet's health. Join us in this collective endeavor to make a difference. Check out the social media cards crafted with dedication and purpose, and let your network know about the vital role of soil in our lives. Together, let's sow the seeds of change for healthier soils.


World Soil Day