Norway Feedback Survey

Thanks for joining the NATI00NS engagement event, we would like to ask for your feedback on the following topics, so as to feed into the EU Soil Mission development and also contribute to enhancing the next round of events.

Organisation type
Which land use type do you focus on the most?
Why did you attend the event?
If so, what is your interest and the role you wish to play?
Soil Mission objectives in your region/country
Do you find that some of the Soil Mission objectives are relevant for your region/country? Please cross three out of the objectives listed below: 
Impact of policy instruments
Considering the EU SO mission 8 objectives, which policy instruments do you think will have the greatest impact on achieving the set targets? [We refer to the IPBES classification of PI that is available at]
Barriers and challenges to forming LLs
What do you see as important barriers or challenges for you to initiate the formation of a LL in your region?
Rate the event on a 1 (bad) - 5 (excellent) scale
Questions 1 - bad 2 - mediocre 3 - average 4 - good 5 - excellent
Event format
Did you find the event format satisfactory in relation to duration and content quality? 
In your opinion, what could be a possible positive approach to construct LL in a collaborative and shared governance way, in your region?
How was the event helpful?
Do you know of any experiences or good practices in soil health? Please provide details or weblink.
Themes and potential attendance to thematic events
Would you be interested in an additional event with a specific thematic area in the creation of LLs? If yes, please select from one to three topics.