HuMUS Webinar: Soil Health Training

HuMUS Webinar: Soil Health Training

The HuMUS Project invites you to an interactive webinar on Wednesday, March 20, at 11:00-12:30 am CET to discuss training and education for improving soil health.This event will convene soil experts, educators, community organisers, representatives of European municipalities and regions, and EU policymakers to co-create knowledge on the potential of training and education programs for enhancing the health of European soils.

HuMUS is developing training programmes that are publicly available to increase awareness and understanding of the value of soils and soil health challenges and their bio-physical and socio-economic drivers across Europe. These resources aim to provide regions and municipalities with information to make informed decisions. The webinar will soundboard preliminary progress from the HuMUS Soil Stewards Training Program, share challenges of the development process, and draw inspiration from successful training methodologies.

Participation is at the heart of the EU Soil Mission. The HuMUS project works together with inspiring EU projects to advance our common mission: improve soil health across Europe. We welcome the participation and input from all Mission Soil projects in the webinar to foster a common understanding of the benefits, challenges, and priorities for soil health education.



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